Roof Repair and Buyer Beware!

Do Not Ever Sign an Assignments of Benefits to a Roofing Company! 

In the event your roof is damaged by a storm – wind, rain, lightning, hail – it’s important to have the damage identified, isolated and repaired as soon as possible. It is just as important to make sure your roof repairs are done by a roofing company with the expertise and experience to do the job correctly.

If a “storm chaser” knocks on your door and tells you, “I can repair your roof for you…all you need to do is sign this form…. we’ll handle the insurance….”, stop them right there!

They will try to get you to sign an ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS.


know-your-right-aobPeriod! End of story!  Verify this with any reputable roofing contractor.

This is a very common tactic that has unfortunately cost many of your neighbors thousands of dollars and striped their rights to choose their own contractor!  In addition to their door to door campaigns, the storm chasers often will use printed material advertising that you can get a free roof and they will handle all of your insurance process for you.  Neighbors who fall for this think they have made wise decision and often unwittingly share this with others, please be careful!

There are a many highly qualified licensed and insured roofers in our area, but unfortunately, there are many more who are unscrupulous and commonly called “storm chasers.

You have the right to choose whoever you want to repair your roof. Be very aware of what you sign! You should never sign an “Assignment of Benefits” or a contract that does not include pricing and a specific scope of work.

The frauds that have happened in your area have been storm chasing roof companies who will knock on the door, tell you that you have hail damage, and get you to sign an “Assignment of Benefits” over to them.  In Florida, this is a 100% irrevocable contract!  They typically proceed to repair your roof with the least expensive low budget materials with little to no warranty, while at the same time, collecting the maximum claim from your insurance company!  It is common to take a bit of time talking to reputable contractors in regards to roof damage such as hail damage.  The storm chasers will make you think that you MUST sign immediately!  This is just not true.

If you think you may have roof damage or think you may need some roofing repairs, seek the counsel of a few highly qualified licensed and insured roofing contractors with great reputations.  Compare pricing and warranties, THEN sign your contract for your repairs, but never an assignment of benefits!

If we can be of any assistance to you to check your roof or help you find a reputable roofer for a second option, we would be glad to help.  Call us anytime, Fidus Roofing and Contracting, 904-230-5548.  We will be glad to quote on your repair and/or suggest other highly qualified roofers in our area.

James Suplee, Owner, Fidus Roofing and Construction, 904-230-5548.  James Suplee is a Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractor with GAF and also is a member of the board of advisors for GAF, an honor given to only 20 roofing contractors across the entire nation annually.