Ensuring that your future is properly protected

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April 20, 2013
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May 3, 2013

Ensuring that your future is properly protected

One of the most important parts to your entire St. Augustine area home is its roof. This a major component that not only helps to protects you from the harsh elements, but also keeps your home from being a massive consumer of energy. Its efficiency will only be as good as the contractor that installed it, the manufacturer that crafted it, and the maintenance it received during its life span. When damage unfortunately occurs, whether this has been the result of something like a tree falling, the extreme weather, or simply  old age, you can find your roof serving as a serious threat to the rest of your St. Augustine home. It is important that you take prompt action against any kind of issue you find you’re your St. Augustine home. This can help you to save against heartache, hardship, and potentially thousands of dollars from additional loss or damage. It cannot be stressed enough how extremely important it is that you address any concerns you find with a professional, as well as keep a close watch over the ongoing condition of it so as to ensure no surprises suddenly arise. Back in late 2003 it was estimated that  water related damage made up 21% of all insurance claims filed, with residential homes suffering an average of 14% of water leak damage.

The certified professionals at the Fidus Group know how to best protect you and your St. Augustine home. They have experts who cannot just perform these specialized tasks, they can also help guide you to understand what is happening and how to better protect your home in the future. For more information about the remarkable services The Fidus Group offers click HERE, or call (904)-758-6000 to schedule a free no obligations in home consultation

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