Fidus Provides St. Augustine Roof Inspections.

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Fidus Provides St. Augustine Roof Inspections.

Fidus-Group-St-Augustine-Roof-InspectionFidus Provides St. Augustine Roof Inspections.

Most of us in St. Augustine don’t think much of our St. Augustine Roof when it comes to winterizing.  Face it, St. Augustine gets about a week of winter each year.  One of the last things on earth you probably want to be doing is climbing up on your roof and looking at tile. However it is important to know that failing to inspect your St. Augustine roof at least once a year can result in damages that could be catastrophic to you, your family and your budget.

It is critical that before the winter weather comes in you check two important items: your roof and your chimney.

On both of these items you will be looking for cracks, broken or missing components, damage and debris. If any of these items are found it is highly important that they are addressed as quickly as possible. A damaged St. Augustine roof or chimney can leave your home open to the world and as a result allow water and moisture to enter your interior space. This will in turn lead to damages that could spread not just to your ceiling but also to your walls, floors and other household items. This is not to mention the health risks that could evolve.

If you suspect that your roof or chimney is having issues don’t wait and call the certified professionals at The Fidus Group. They have an expert team of highly trained individuals that can help you make the right decision for your St. Augustine and surrounding area home.

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