From the Jacksonville home to Florida commercial construction services, the Fidus Group does it all

Making real dreams come true with the number one custom Jacksonville home builders the Fidus Group
June 28, 2012
Expanding your home to match your dreams with a Jacksonville remodel
July 16, 2012

From the Jacksonville home to Florida commercial construction services, the Fidus Group does it all

When you think of the amazing work that the experts at the Fidus Group you often think of the beautiful remodels, the St. Augustine replacement roofs, and the windows and doors that they do so well. However, there is also another side to the incredible work that has made so many customers elated, and that is small commercial construction. Did you know that the Fidus group offers some of the best in Florida Commercial Construction services? They have an extensive amount of experience in all of the various aspects of commercial construction. Because of their broad understanding of a wide selection of trades and they are very well versed in all areas of processes within the construction trade.

Whether it is new commercial construction or converting existing buildings into retail or general restaurant space the Fidus Group has a professional team of contractors who will coordinate the job with architects, engineers, interior designers and trades in order to both minimize the construction time and to maximize the total overall value.

Although the Fidus Group has a lot of experience with just about all areas of construction, they are most proficient with new commercial properties, converting an existing building into a retail or restaurant space, or building out office or tenant space.

You know that with the brilliance and passion of a committed team like the Fidus Group you are going to get the very best value for your money. To learn more about the work that the Fidus Group does click HERE, or you can call (904) 230-5548 to schedule a free no obligation free estimate.

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