Keeping Up With Roof Maintenance…Before It’s Too Late!

The Lifecycle Cost of Your Florida Roof – Why it Matters When Choosing a Jacksonville Roofing Contractor.
December 26, 2011

Keeping Up With Roof Maintenance…Before It’s Too Late!

Florida’s weather can be volatile and extreme. That is why it is important to make sure your roof is up to par and doing its job of protecting your home and family. Florida is known for its extreme weather ranging from severe hurricanes, to afternoon thunder and lightning storms, even tornadoes.

These events can cause great damage to your roof and therefore your home leading to costly and time consuming roof replacement and repair. Hiring a professional Florida roofing contractor for annual or semi annual roof maintenance can prevent damage and prolong the durability and life span of your roof.

By using a local roofing contractor who knows Florida’s conditions, roofing materials that work best, and common roofing issues that occur, you can have an effective roof maintenance program. A maintenance program helps avoid the following types of damages that plague homes all over Florida.

Loss of support – Florida’s heavy rains, winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes can cause serious damage to your roof’s structure and cause a serious safety concern for your family and home. Enough damage from the extreme weather can lead to the loss of support and eventually complete roof collapse.

Flashing Damage – Flashing is the metal part of your roof that covers the gaps where your roofing material meets with your home, chimney, pipes etc. to deflect water from seams and joints. When your flashing fails, water is able to leak into your home causing major issues such as mold and water damage.

Extreme Weather Damage- your roof is designed to withstand severe weather related events but roofing materials have different levels of durability and life times.  In Florida however we often see severe hurricanes that can cause serious damage or even demolish our roofs despite their durability. It is important to get them checked by a professional after any type of severe weather incident to make sure they are still protecting our home.

After choosing the right material and installing a roof, it is important that you are proactive and keep up with its maintenance. A roof can last over 30 years but if you ignore its maintenance, it can quickly fail.  A roofing maintenance program with a professional Florida roofing contractor can ensure that your roof is in top shape and that your home and family are being protected.