Should You Replace or Repair Your St. Augustine Roof?

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May 23, 2013
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June 7, 2013

Should You Replace or Repair Your St. Augustine Roof?

When your roof begins to fail this can not only be a disastrous situation for your St. Augustine home, but for your family as well. Home improvement can be a challenging experience and in the current economy it is a little stressful not knowing how to best spend your hard earned money. When it comes to something as momentous as a roof, it’s hard to know if you should replace or repair it, and customers are sometimes surprised to learn that it is not always necessary to replace it. In fact, the Fidus Group will not recommend a St. Augustine roof replacement until we have exhausted every other potential possibility first.

Your home is your investment into the future and keeping it protected is of the up most importance. With the professionals at the Fidus Group we will provide you not only with a beautiful and protective roof, but also an entire roofing system that will be better prepared for anything that nature will throw at you. In addition to these factors the Fidus Group roofing experts will help you decide on what is the most effective and costly approach to take.

With your roof representing over 40% of your home’s presentation value it is important to have a safe, secure, attractive and cost effective roof that will also last. For more information on the Fidus Group roofing system and the services we provide click HERE, or you can call to schedule a free estimate at (904) 230-5548.

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