The fidus group, helping people have the home of their dreams

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October 9, 2012
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The fidus group, helping people have the home of their dreams

One of the great iconic moments of any American’s life is when they get to own their first home. This can be an amazing and thrilling experience. However, as time goes on there are elements and aspects to that home that might not end up meeting the ideal conditions people were looking for. As a homeowner yourself you may have needed to settle for the home you currently have for one reason or another. Now perhaps your circumstances have changed as your family has grown.


In the end you might find yourself wanting something a little more custom. The Fidus Group is St. Augustine’s finest when it comes building custom homes. They have a remarkable level of experience and their team of designers and builders will not only work hard to create the best home and experience for you, they will do it with you. This means that they, as St. Augustine’s trusted home builders, work to ensure that you have the home that you long to have and that your dreams really do come true.

Every Fidus Group custom build home is designed to match and fulfill the homeowners schedule, needs, and desires, while also adhering strictly to a designated schedule and budget. There are many custom home builders that will just try and get the job done. The Fidus Group will instead enlist your input and critique to ensure that you have the home you are looking for.


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