TruSlate®, Affordable Genuine Slate Roofing

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January 29, 2014
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April 29, 2014

TruSlate®, Affordable Genuine Slate Roofing

This is a look at a slate stone roof install by The Fidus Group, St. Augustine, FL. This Marsh Landing home features the Tru-Slate roofing system with copper and stone accents.

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Introducing TruSlate®, Affordable Genuine Slate Roofing.

Slate. It’s the most beautiful and durable roofing material known to man. For centuries, it’s been the roofing material of choice for the world’s greatest buildings. In fact, some slate roofs have lasted for literally hundreds of years, enduring all of the ravages that Mother Nature could throw at them.

And, oh yes, slate roofs are heavy—and expensive—putting them out of the reach of most property owners.
Until Now.

The TruSlate® Premium Roofing System from GAF can make your dream of owning a genuine slate roof a reality. The TruSlate® System features:
Real S1-grade hand-split quarried slate
(not a synthetic imitation)
An affordable luxury
(often comparable to the cost of the cheap-looking imitations)
Perfect for new construction or remodeling
(because it typically eliminates the expensive structural modifications that traditionally installed slate requires)
Improves your home’s resale value
(and may even help you to sell it more quickly)
How Did We Do It?

On a traditionally installed slate roof, half of each slate is never seen, because it’s tucked under the piece above it. We’ve replaced this wasted slate with a high-tech waterproofing material. With this ingenious design, the TruSlate® System can be installed on almost any roof.

It goes without saying—before you select your next roofing system, you owe it to yourself to consider the advantages of a TruSlate® roof.

In fact, why even consider a plastic imitation, when you can get the real thing for about the same price—and for only a fraction of the cost of traditionally installed slate?

Take a look at this recent Slate roof install by Fidus in the Marsh Landing neighborhood in Ponte Vedra FL. Fidus would love to talk to you about the option to moving to TruSlate for your North Florida home! 904-230-5548.