What to look for in a St. Augustine roofing contractor

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June 21, 2013
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July 5, 2013

What to look for in a St. Augustine roofing contractor

If you are looking to repair or replace your St. Augustine home and have questions or concerns about how the process works, what to expect, or what to watch out for who do you turn to? It is hard to get a strait answer you can trust when you are needing the help, but the Fidus Group is someone you can trust. The truth is there are some definite things you will want when doing a new roofing project, and some you will want to be sure to avoid.


To begin with when you are selecting a roofing contractor you will want to do some research and find out a few basic items. As much as it is great to save a few dollars here and there don’t fall prey to individuals and small groups who are not licensed, bonded and insured. Failing to have these things can cause the liability of damage and injury to fall onto the home owner.


Secondly you will want to make sure that the contractor you use is certified, by the manufacturer who made the product, in the installation of it. If you do not use someone who is properly trained, even if they are themselves a professional, should something happen and you require the use of the warranty unfortunately you may find yourself out of luck. This can be an expensive and often upsetting mistake that is easily avoidable.


Finding someone like the certified professionals at the Fidus Group not only will ensure that you have these areas completely covered, their reputation of excellence and willingness to work with their costumers so that they have a clear understanding is something envied in the industry.


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