Why having a certified contractor is important for your Jacksonville home improvement project

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January 17, 2012
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March 7, 2012

Why having a certified contractor is important for your Jacksonville home improvement project

When it comes to the joy of the home improvement project, no matter what kind it is, there are those who will find greater pleasure in a job well done, then struggling through a job until it is done. There are many studies that show that although we enjoy to do the work ourselves, having the assistance of a contractor is incredibly rewarding, particularly when it is completed how we wanted in the first place.

When choosing which one of endless options available for a contractor, it is staggering trying to determine who is the right one for you and your St. Augustine home. Although there are many who do not know, it is important to understand that you need to have someone who is certified doing your work for you, particularly if something goes wrong. Many people fail to understand the significance of this until it is way too late.

All to often a fly-by-night contractor will claim to be able to do a job, whether it is a newSt. Augustinewindow and door replacement, orSt. Augustineroofing repair. They may in fact be able to underbid other businesses, but if they are not certified to do the job they are being paid to do, you may run into some serious problems down the road.

Let’s say that your roof was not installed properly, or a window or door had an unseen defect. When you attempt to utilize a manufacturers warranty and the company learns that it was not properly installed by a certified installer they will often not honor your warranty. The professional certified experts at The Fidus Group utilize the methods, materials, and products that are necessary to ensure that your installation is properly done. By being trained through the manufacturer themselves, the Fidus Group’s staff of licensed crew are always up to date with the most current installation methods. This ensures that they are always fully trained and as such remain warrantee compliant with Seal-o-Flex, GAF, and Gulf Coast Metal Roofs. Because of these important steps that the Fidus Group takes they have become one of just a few of the available roofing contractors that offer all of these certifications. This is something that can be a huge benefit to the home owners ofSt. AugustineandSt. Augustine.

In addition to this, in installing these highly durable, and energy efficient materials, the Fidus Group has become one of the only roofers in St. Augustineand St. Augustinethat can provide such a wide range of options. Although there are times when it may be tempting to go with someone you don’t know who is offering an unbelievable deal, the fact is you are taking a serious risk that you may pay dearly for later. Trust in the experts who have a track record of excellence already established. For a free in home consultation and estimate call the Fidus Group today at 904-230-5548 to schedule for your next roofing or home improvement project.